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Voor jou

Posted by on zaterdag, 27 april, 2013

Jij bent
een magneet
jouw woorden
jouw gebaren
ik kan
niet anders
dan van jou


Posted by on zondag, 30 oktober, 2011

I was thinking (as i often do) that on this morning october 30th, i am married for 30 years with the love of my life.

When contemplating the last 30 years – holy crap that’s older than me at the age I got married……I’m really surprised she didn’t run!  Sticking out with me, raising kids, working, kicking kids butts out of their beds and them still wanting to hang on to the smallest piece of straw so they don’t have to learn like mom and dad did, on thier own…

I mean she stuck it out! I often wondered why she didn’t run……but she was there…always knew she would be.  All the good and bad stuff, that is what it’s suppose to be about, right?  She didn’t duct tape me to the wall even though there were some times (and still are) she might.

I truly believe we both enjoy having each other in our lives – that apparently has kept us going.
So my love, congratulations!  Guess we can move forward to another 30…

Hugz and love.

For Janet – I love you still

Posted by on maandag, 30 mei, 2011

Still in my mind
At the end of the day
And soft on my shoulder
Where your head gently lays

Last night as you fell asleep,
I felt your warm breath,
Whisper across my skin
That’s when i softly told you: “I love you, still” .

If they dried up the oceans
And they blot out the sun
And the world was torn into pieces
I know that we’d stay as one

I love you still.


Posted by on vrijdag, 13 mei, 2011

Sometimes when i say “ï am okay”, i want someone to look me in the eyes, and say, “I know you are not”